Sipp Industries is a multifaceted corporation with a focus in technology, biotechnology and consumer products.  We specialize in the vertical integration of profitable retail and emerging entities to create increased value to our shareholders through synergistic savings in operations.

We are a publicly traded company on the OTC Markets under the symbol SIPC.

We are a proponent of technology in high tech and biotech sectors.  We seek to acquire intellectual properties or technology licensing  for mass market commercialization.

Import Export
We aim to capture international business opportunities by working with worldwide manufacturers, wholesalers and businesses looking to expand their product lines into foreign countries and new markets as well as with those who are seeking to import particular products into their regions.

Licensing and Distribution
We source for brand or technology with broad market potential and license them for manufacturing and worldwide distribution.

Emerging Markets
We have a strong interest in the emerging cannabis market in the United States.  Our goal is to participate in providing high quality ancillary products and services for this fast growing industry.