Sipp Industries is your “one-stop hemp shop” for hemp projects ranging from seed, protein and oils, to textiles, paper and building supplies.

Sipp Industries offers a full array of co-packing and private labeling services for your hemp projects.  Whether you seek to package hemp seeds into 4oz and 8 oz pouches, to hemp protein and hemp oil in larger containers and bottles, Sipp Industries can do it all.

Small & Medium Sized Business

Sipp Industries offers low minimum unit runs for small to medium sized businesses entering the hemp market. Unit runs as low as 250 can be handled turnkey through Sipp industries.  As your hemp business continues to grow and prosper Sipp Industries can offer lower hemp costs, co-packing, and private label services.

Large Scale Commercial Business

Do you have an established hemp brand?  Are you seeking lower hemp product and co-packing costs?

Sipp Industries large scale co-packing services offers unit runs as low as 1,000 to exceeding 10,000.  There is simply no other company or organization that can provide the lowest hemp product and co-packing costs.

Container Availability (Hemp Seeds & Protein)

  • 4 oz pouches
  • 8 oz pouches
  • 16 oz pouches & containers
  • 5 lbs pouches & containers
  • 25lb bags

Container Availability (Hemp Oil)

  • 8 oz plastic bottle
  • 16 oz plastic bottle
  • 20L bucket
  • 55 gallon drum
  • 2,000lb tote