At Sipp Industries, we are passionate about hemp. As the hemp industry continues to grow and flourish in the United States it is our goal to be the #1 supplier of bulk hemp ingredients.

Since there is a restriction on commercial hemp farming in the United States hemp must be imported from countries and regions such as Canada, Europe and Asia. We have found the highest quality hemp ingredients, especially organic, to be sourced from Canada. Our strategic alliances with Canadian partners will continue to be Sipp Industries exclusive source for quality hemp ingredients. We will strive to build long term relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Sipp Industries provides value-added services for the sourcing of the highest quality and best priced hemp ingredients. We seek to offer an easy means to purchase bulk hemp ingredients without the hassle dealing with importing, shipping and customs.

Sipp Industries’ target market include food manufacturers, body care, protein, hemp-infused food & beverage companies, and niche bakeries.

Available Products

  • Hulled hemp seeds
  • Toasted hemp seeds (with/without salt)
  • Cold-pressed hemp oil
  • Purely refined hemp oil
  • Hemp protein
  • Hemp flour

Hemp Seeds

25lb and 50lb bags


Hemp Oils

20L buckets, 55 gallon drums and 1,000L totes


Hemp Proteins

25lb and 50lb bags

Co-Packing & Private Labeling

We offer a full array of co-packing and private labeling services for your hemp projects.

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