Advanced Plasma Lighting

Sipp plasma product line consists of two models, H400 and H1000. These are equivalent to 400W metal halide or a 600W HPS and a 1,000W metal halide or HPS.  They are ideal lighting systems for indoor horticulture applications. With its optimized spectrum and energy efficiency, the lights have been shown to outperform both HPS and LEDs in terms of growth cycle, taste, smell and texture of the product while reducing energy costs up to 60%.


  • Optimized spectrum for horticulture
  • >50,000 hours ballast life
  • Easily replaceable bulb
  • Rapid start
  • Dimmable to 20% light intensity
  • Digital or analog control
  • Uniform light distribution

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The SIPP APL H400 and H1000 Plasma Lights are some of the most efficient lights available.

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Advanced Plasma Lighting for Indoor Horticulture


The gradual legalization of cannabis in the United States presents numerous business opportunities, particularly in the area of indoor growing.  Our technology is well formed and ready for use immediately in this emerging sector. Our main objective as a company is to improve upon existing technologies to make the world a better place. Why not start with energy consumption and larger yields?

Modern plasma lamps are a family of light sources that generate light by exciting plasma inside a closed transparent burner or bulb using radio frequency (RF) power. Typically, such lamps use a noble gas or a mixture of these gases and additional materials such as metal halides, sodium, mercury or sulfur. In modern plasma lamps, a waveguide is used to constrain and focus the electrical field into the plasma. In operation, the gas is ionized, and free electrons, accelerated by the electrical field, collide with gas and metal atoms. Some atomic electrons circling around the gas and metal atoms are excited by these collisions, bringing them to a higher energy state. When the electron falls back to its original state, it emits a photon, resulting in visible light or ultraviolet radiation, depending on the fill materials.

Our plasma lamps are made with the highest quality materials available on the market and are perfect for large scale projects.


Sample Applications for Plasma Lights