Sipp Industries Announces New Supplier Contract with Wanderport Corporation and Provides Corporate Updates

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In June 29, 2017
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COSTA MESA, CA–(Marketwired – June 29, 2017) – Sipp Industries, Inc. (OTC: SIPC), a multifaceted corporation specializing in technology, manufacturing, and distribution of commercial and consumer products announces it is supplying Cannabidiol (CBD) to Wanderport Corporation for its coffee and has signed on as the primary distributor of the CBD coffee. The Company also announces progress with its Tobacco and Trade Bureau (TTB) and Wholesale alcohol licenses in addition to a new corporate office location of wholly-owned subsidiary Major Hemp.

Sipp Industries has been selected to supply bulk CBD to Wanderport Corporation for its Sapa Coffee™ line. Additionally, the Company has signed on as the primary distributor of CBD coffee in the state of Colorado for Wanderport. The Company believes this unique product will fit nicely in its beverage portfolio including Major Hemp Brown Ale. Over the past six months the popularity of Major Hemp Brown Ale has increased significantly throughout the Colorado market now exceeding over 25 locations that continue to reorder the premium hemp beer.

Sipp Industries has established valuable supply chain partnerships throughout the Colorado hemp and medical and recreational marijuana industries and has begun selling Wanderport’s CBD coffee to a number of dispensaries in Colorado. President of subsidiary Major Hemp Ted Jorgensen commented, “We received our initial shipment of CBD coffee from Wanderport and have it selling in the prominent Platte Valley Dispensary in Denver. This is another exciting product to bring under our umbrella and to showcase throughout the Denver community and established customers.”

Sipp Industries also reports it has made significant progress with the Alcohol and Tobacco and Trade Bureau through advancing licensing opportunities which is critical to expand sales of hemp and CBD beer. The Alcohol and Tobacco and Trade Bureau is a bureau under the Department of Treasury. At the TTB, the governmental organization enforces the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAAA).

Jorgensen stated, “With our proven concept and growing list of customers we are taking the next steps from a legal and licensing standpoint with the TTB. This takes time and we are well on our way with the process.”

The Company also reports it will relocate the office of wholly-owned subsidiary Major Hemp from Colorado Springs to Denver. This strategic move enables the Company to better serve the growing list of establishments carrying Major Hemp Brown Ale as well as future beer varieties the Company is planning. Jorgensen continued, “The total number of establishments carrying our beer is approaching 30 and having an office in close proximity will help solidify our relationships and reorders.”

Chief Executive Officer Syman Vong concluded, “2017 has been an exciting year with multiple milestones and accomplishments met. We are extremely excited about the next growth phase of our company and look forward to keeping our shareholders updated on our progress.”

About Sipp Industries, Inc.

Sipp Industries is a multifaceted corporation that specializes in technology, manufacturing and distribution of commercial and consumer products. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Major Hemp, the Company provides high quality and competitively priced hemp based products, bulk hemp, CBD supply, co-packing and private labeling services.

Twitter: @SippIndustries

Forward Looking Statements:

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Ted Jorgensen
Major Hemp President
Sipp Industries, Inc.
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