Sipp Industries Subsidiary Major Hemp Provides Update on Colorado Brewed Hemp Beer Availability

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In April 4, 2016
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Major Hemp Launching Multiple Hemp Craft Brews Which Will Be Available This Month

COSTA MESA, Calif., (Marketwired – April 4, 2016) – Sipp Industries, Inc. (OTC Markets: SIPC), a diversified conglomerate corporation specializing in technology, manufacturing and distribution of commercial and consumer products announces availability of hemp beer brewed with partners Crazy Mountain Brewery and Ute Pass Brewing Company.

Crazy Mountain Brewery has completed brewing Hippe’s Hemp Brown Ale which will be available this month at locations in Denver and Edwards, Colorado. The hemp beer is currently being bottled and will also be available through select distribution networks nationally. Both Crazy Mountain Brewery and Major Hemp expect the hemp beer to be a hit. “There are little or no hemp craft beers throughout the state of Colorado and nationally. Based on the amount of inquiries we have received, we believe this could really take off,” stated Major Hemp President Ted Jorgensen.

Major Hemp and Ute Pass Brewing Company plan to launch four crafted hemp beers including: Hemp Seed Ale, Wild Hemp Hop, Amber Hemp Ale and Porter Hemp. All four brews will be available for a co-hosted event on April 20th at Ute Pass Brewing Company in Woodland Park, Colorado. “We are extremely excited to launch our co-developed hemp beers with Ute Pass Brewing Company,” commented Major Hemp President Ted Jorgensen. “Our team will be attending the event and look forward to feedback from our shareholders, customers and potential clients,” added Jorgensen.

Major Hemp and Ute Pass Brewing Company have the ability under the state laws of Colorado to produce up to 300,000 gallons of beer per year. Both companies believe the initial product launch will be a success and intend to further distribute hemp beer throughout the state of Colorado. “Once our concept is proven we intend to introduce our hemp beer ingredients, brewing process and other intellectual property to larger scale interest parties,” stated Jorgensen.

Ute Pass Brewing Company is the ideal partner for Major Hemp to craft, develop and innovate initial hemp beer product launches. In addition to hemp craft beers, the company is evaluating a Cannabidiol (CBD) based hemp beer concept utilizing the Company’s partner, Evolved Ayurvedic Discoveries’ (EAD Labs) water-soluble BioCBD+ technology.

“Once we find a hit with our hemp or CBD beer, we will scale up to meet demand through larger brewers like Crazy Mountain Brewery,” stated CEO Syman Vong. “As this is achieved, we will also secure national beer distributors, breweries and retail chains who already carry craft beers and would be interested in our products,” concluded Syman Vong.

About Sipp Industries, Inc.

Sipp Industries is a conglomerate corporation that specializes in technology, manufacturing and distribution of commercial and consumer products. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Major Hemp, the Company provides high quality and competitively priced bulk hemp, CBD supply, co-packing and private labeling services. For more information, please visit Facebook: Twitter: @SippIndustries

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