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Sipp Industries is a multifaceted corporation with a focus on the manufacturing and distribution of a diverse range of commercial and consumer products in the ever-evolving cannabis industry. 

Our expertise extends to crafting innovative solutions that cater to both emerging market trends and consumer needs.  Utilizing a cutting-edge, proprietary nano-emulsification process, we are at the forefront of enhancing product efficacy.  This advanced technology significantly increases bioavailability, ensuring that our products deliver maximum effectiveness.

We are the brand owner of Major Hemp HIPA, a hemp-infused craft IPA beer.  Our HIPA was available in 250 locations throughout Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, and Illinois.  The production and distribution of HIPA have been put on hold since the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also offer a range of Delta-8 products, including BBQ sauces, tea, and fruit punch.

In addition to organic growth, we plan to expand externally through mergers and acquisitions of emerging companies in selected major industries.

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Our business focuses on formulating and manufacturing premium products. We begin with precise ingredient blending for optimal safety and efficacy, followed by designing and testing for functionality and user benefits. Using only high-quality ingredients, we employ advanced production techniques under strict quality control to ensure each product meets health and safety standards.

Nano Technology

Our proprietary nano-emulsification process enhances the bioavailability of our products, ensuring more efficient absorption and effectiveness. This advanced technique breaks down active ingredients into tiny nanoparticles, improving performance and providing a superior user experience. This positions us at the forefront of delivering highly effective products to meet evolving consumer needs.


Our distribution service efficiently connects products with legal cannabis markets, backed by a vast network of retail customers. We employ efficient logistics and warehousing for accurate inventory management and prompt order fulfillment. Focused on speed, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, we're a reliable partner for businesses looking to expand their reach through our extensive retail network.

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